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April 22nd 2007 - No party - Tonight is Miss Valcyn 2007!

Apr 22, 2007

No Podcast Party tonight because an even bigger party is happening! Here's the info:

Please join us for Miss Valcyn 2007

The 5th Annual Galactic Beauty Pageant that celebrates Valcyn's community and our servers lovelist. Watch as we crown Miss Galactic Civil War and deleiver more than 50 million in cash and...

Apr 15, 2007

Every couple of months we like to have a nice purifying cleansing by asking ourselves, "Where is this bus going." Episode 75 is that cleansing. The episode started out normal enough (from a certain point a view). MrBubble, being the joker he is, has played another prank on Yivvits and also has a story that gives us...

Our forum migration is complete! Yay!

Apr 11, 2007

Our community forums site relocation is all done. Everything went great! If by some rare chance you forgot the URL for our forums, here it is:

If you experience any problems connecting to the forums please e-mail me at


Apr 2, 2007

Some weeks we have lots to talk about, others not so much. This is one of those "light" weeks yet somehow we churned out a 50 minute show. Amazing, isn't it? We have a very, very special guest in the studio this week; you won't want to miss our eye-opening conversation. MrBubble brings back one of our old (and...

Podcast Party! Sunday April 1st, 2007

Apr 2, 2007

Back to Talus we go, near a POI for  The Lost Village of Durbin" (get your badge!). While perhaps not as geographically interesting as last week's party, our new sponsors "Talus Wireless" requested this location as they are considering building a holotower nearby.

So stop by and greet your SWG friends, enemies, and...