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Jun 24, 2009

What an exciting week! Fan Faire 2009, Empire Day in SWG, another TCG expansion with even more "exciting" loot, and now this - a new episode of SWGwYaMB! In this episode we talk about our Fan Faire plans, hash out a couple of ideas for SWG, and once again remind everybody why we feel the way in which the free...

Jun 16, 2009

It's the eve before recording Episode 114, and MrBubble can't sleep! If Larry can't sleep, no one can sleep! MrBubble calls Yivvits and they talk about the feedback for Episode 113 and what Episode 114 may contain. MrBubble also tries to have another conversation with Lola, but yet again blows it.

Jun 10, 2009

We have so many exciting things to discuss in this episode! In fact, we got so excited that we read the wrong date during the intro. Thankfully, we were able to hire an affordable voice over actor to fix the problem. I think he's a pretty close match for MrBubble so you won't even notice it! We start out this...

Jun 6, 2009

Hungry for a little something before Episode 113? MrBubble sets up his old podcasting gear and surprises Yivvits by calling him EXACTLY when Yivvits is editing our next episode! It's wacky!